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SOLO is designed to replicate the familiar experience and quality control you would expect from a traditional film set. 



SOLO’s image quality is unparalleled - in fact, it’s the only robotic camera approved by Netflix. Shooting 4K UHD on a 1” MOS sensor in VLOG colorspace, allows you the image quality to intercut footage alongside Alexa and Red. Shallow depth of field, and incredible low light sensitivity creates cinema-quality content in any situation. Pan and tilt control, with an optical zoom from 24mm to 490mm.  Boom control smoothly lifts and lowers the camera height from 32” to 72”.  




SOLO packs a professional quality LED bi-color studio ring light. Designed by a DP to cast beautifully balanced soft light, with enough power to illuminate a subject further from the lens and remote control over brightness and color to match lighting in nearly any environment.  



High fidelity microphones with up to 12 channels of audio with real time remote monitoring and mixing provide the control needed for professional audio capture in any environment. 



Anyone can use SOLO, there’s no need to learn new technology. Simply open the lid and plug it in, and SOLO’s remote technicians take control.


When a single camera isn’t enough, connect multiple SOLOs to create a fully remote multi-camera shoot.  
Set several cameras around a single subject, or send SOLOs to multiple locations; they’ll capture and communicate with each other in real-time.  



Remote team communication is intuitive, secure, and seamless. A secure video chat interface lets clients and creatives communicate face-to-face with talent in real-time. 



Virtual backchannel communication allows a direct line between production, clients, and technicians so you can call shots and make notes without disturbing the talent or capture process. 

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