Where is SOLO shipped from?

SOLO is located in Los Angeles, CA and ships from there.

Who coordinates shipping of the SOLO unit?

Shipping to your location and return shipping is normally coordinated by
our internal team. However you have the option to arrange shipping
yourself if you prefer.

Once the unit is shipped to the location does a technician QC the unit to make sure it is working correctly?

Yes. Our team will always perform a final quality check of all systems before the unit is delivered to its final destination.

Who is SOLO shipped to prior to our shoot?

The SOLO unit will be shipped to the airfreight location closest to your
shooting location the day prior to your shoot and be picked up by a local ground
technician. Once QC is completed, Solo will be hand delivered to your location at
or before your call time.

Once SOLO is shipped and received, does a local technician QC the unit to
make sure it is working correctly?

Yes, your SOLO team will coordinate with the local technician and perform
a quality check assuring the unit is in functioning properly before the it is
delivered to your location.

Will we have to arrange for someone to deliver or pick up SOLO from our
talent’s door?

Our team can coordinate delivery to and from your talent’s door or your
shooting location. However you have the option to arrange delivery and
pickup yourself if you prefer.

What camera is used in the SOLO Cinebot?

SOLO comes equipped with a 4K Panasonic AW-UE150 featuring a 1”
MOS type sensor as well as full pan, tilt and 20x optical zoom capabilities.

How long can I record?

Each SOLO unit comes pre-loaded with two 1-terabyte drives. Each terabyte
provides 187 minutes or 3 hours of record time. Depending on your needs,
SOLO can be equipped with up to 8 terabytes of drive space, so it’s possible to
have a total of 25 hours of continuous roll time. Let’s hope your shoot doesn’t go
that long ; )

Does SOLO come equipped with a Teleprompter?

SOLO is customizable based on the needs of your production and a
teleprompter can be added as an option. That said pan, tilt and zoom
functions may be reduced somewhat as you can imagine, however full
boom and height capabilities are maintained.

Does SOLO work off of bonded Internet or Wifi?

Both! All SOLO units come with an integrated bonded cellular modem that
connects to the Internet automatically, however we also have the ability to
accept WiFi, or a hard-line Ethernet connection for added network

How does the shoot day work? Does the Director direct talent through

Every production is a little different, and SOLO is totally customizable to fit
your requirements. Most often we use Zoom for the Director or Client, or
anyone that needs to interface with talent directly. We also use a virtual
Walkie-Talkie app to connect Production and Creatives directly with SOLO
crew members working on the project.

What are the remote-control capabilities of SOLO?

ALL SOLO functionalities are entirely remote operated. There is no need
for an on-site tech and virtually no setup involved. Your talent simply
opens the lid, and plugs the unit into the wall and our remote team takes it
from there. Operators can control composition with pan, tilt, zoom and
camera height functions. And full audio mixing and dynamic lighting gives
your team total creative control over the things that matter for your project.
Also, your Solo Tech can remotely control the screen facing your talent so
they can see pretty much anything or anyone they’ll need to see.

What microphones are shipped with the SOLO Unit?

Each SOLO unit ships with a Sennheiser P-48 shot gun microphone as
well as 2-Sennheiser G4 Lavaliers. However with 12 channels of audio
available, we can customize.

Do you provide a Camera Operator, Producer or other Solo crew members?

Based on the requirements of your specific production, our SOLO Team
Coordinator works with you to determine the necessary certified
technicians required to operate the various functions of SOLO, making
your project run smoothly and seamlessly. Our Certified Solo Crews are
trained in all of the functions of SOLO and remote production protocols,
so you can be confident you’ll have qualified staff for your production.
These technicians work as freelance independent contractors for your
company, just like in a typical production, but they’ll be coordinated by our
SOLO Coordinator to make your job easier.

Is there a local SOLO tech standing by on the day of the shoot for any

Yes! Even though our remote team can accomplish most troubleshooting,
a situation may occur that requires on-site attention. Therefore, as a fail-
safe measure for your production, we always have a local tech standing
by to assist on the ground.

Who is responsible for shipping the SOLO unit back to LA?

Our SOLO team handles all deliveries to and from your production
location. Of course shipping costs will vary depending on your location.
However you have the option to arrange shipping yourself if you prefer.

Is there a broadcast system like Vmix already integrated into the standard
SOLO setup?

Broadcast-ready hardware and software is integrated into the SOLO
system that allows us to direct a camera feed to virtually any destination in
a variety of common broadcast formats.

Do SOLO technicians have to be “on set” to set up the SOLO unit?

No. Our SOLO techs do not need to be “on set” during your shoot. The
SOLO unit if fully self contained and ready to go when delivered. All your
talent needs to do is open the lid and plug tin he unit.

What COVID-19 protocols do you follow?

The on-site technicians who deliver the SOLO unit to the talent’s home or
your location are tested for COVD-19 on a weekly basis, and are required
to follow strict safety protocols in order to protect the health of our clients
and your talent. Upon request, the techs will provide assistance bringing
the SOLO unit into the home or location, however we prioritize the health
and comfort of your talent and so we leave the options up to them.

Does our creative or broadcast team need to be on-site with talent?

No. The camera feeds are sent directly to your team’s location or to
multiple locations.

Can SOLO livestream multiple talent in multiple locations simultaneously?

Yes! SOLO is completely scalable. You can have as many SOLO units as
you need running simultaneously from different locations globally.

We only need the ability to do a livestream that is broadcast quality, 1080,
crystal clear, no pixilation. Can your team provide that service?

SOLO can be integrated into virtually any broadcast team or workflow,
however our internal team does not handle broadcast directly. That said,
we would be happy to connect you with one of our broadcast / livestream
affiliates for more information.

What is the size and weight of the SOLO unit? Is it easy for one person to

The SOLO XT measures 17”x 17”x 37”. Wheels and a handle are
integrated into the case, much like a simple hand-dolly, making it super
easy to for one person to move and position by themselves.