Where is SOLO shipped from?

Los Angeles, CA however we can ship units to pretty much anywhere in the world.

Who is it shipped to prior to our shoot day?

Shipping is handled by our internal team and all Solo units will be hand delivered to your location at or before your call time.

Once the unit is shipped to the location does a technician QC the unit to make sure it is working correctly?

Yes. Our team will always perform a final quality check of all systems before the unit is delivered to its final destination.

Will we have to arrange for someone to drop off/pick up of SOLO at talent’s door or do you handle?

You do not need to worry about delivery, our team coordinates delivery to and from your talent’s door.

Does it work off of bonded internet or wifi?

Both! All SOLO units come with an integrated bonded cellular modem that will connect to the internet automatically, however we also have the ability to accept WiFi or hard lined Ethernet connection for added network stability.

How does the shoot day work? Does everyone log into Zoom and the director directs talent that way?

Every production is a little different, however most often we use zoom for anyone who needs to interface with talent directly, and we use a free virtual walkie talkie app to connect production and creatives with SOLO crew members.

What are the remote capabilities?

All SOLO functionalities are entirely remote operated, no need for an on-site tech and absolutely no setup involved. Talent simply plugs the unit into the wall and the SOLO crew takes it from there. Operators can pan, tilt, zoom and adjust the camera height, full audio mixing and dynamic lighting gives your team control over the things that matter. Your SOLO Tech can remotely control the talent facing screen, meaning we can show them pretty much anything they need to see

Do you provide the camera operator and producer?

We can recommend and connect you with trained SOLO Technicians and Operators, however productions are still typically still managed in collaboration with our clients’ production teams. If you are interested in full production services, we are happy to connect you with one of our producing partners to help out.

Is there a local tech standing by for any troubleshooting day of shoot?

Yes! Our team is excellent at remote troubleshooting, however as a fail-safe we always have a local tech standing by.

What camera is used in the SOLO?

The XT uses the 4K Panasonic AW-UE150. The LT uses the Panasonic HE-40 PTZ Camera.

How is footage delivery handled?

We offer DIT and footage delivery options for an additional fee, or if you prefer someone from your team to handle media management, we can accommodate that as well.

Who is responsible for shipping back to LA?

Our team handles all deliveries to and from your filming location. The fees for shipping will vary based on your location.

Is there a broadcast system like Vmix already integrated into the set up or would we have to provide our own?

SOLO has broadcast-ready hardware and software integrated into the standard setup. We can direct a camera feed to virtually any destination in a variety of common broadcast formats.

Does your technician need to be “on set” with the set up to set it up? If so, what are your companies safety protocols if they are going to talent’s homes?

No. None of our techs need to be “on set” during your shoot. Our systems are fully built and ready to go. All Talent needs to do is plug the unit in. That said, our techs who deliver the units to the homes are all tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis and are required to follow strict safety protocols to protect the health of our clients. In the event your Talent requests any assistance with bringing the unit into their homes or setting up, our techs are more than happy to help, however we prioritize the comfort of your talent so we will leave those choices up to them.

Do you offer the cameras just by themselves?

We are open to making custom solutions to fit your specific needs, however SOLO is designed to create a simple and effective solution for remote filming and currently we do not rent the cameras by itself.

Would the broadcast team need to be on-site with talent at the home?

No, SOLO remotely sends the camera feeds to your broadcast team, there is no need for anyone on-site.

Can you do it with two separate talent at two different homes dual hosting a livestream?

Yes! You can have as many SOLO units as you need running simultaneously from different locations globally.

We only want to do a livestream that is broadcast quality. No pixelation. 1080 crystal clear. Is that possible? Can your team do that?

While SOLO has worked with many broadcast teams and workflows, our internal team does not directly handle broadcast. However, we can connect with one of our broadcast/ livestream affiliates for more info.

Weight and size of each unit?

XT- 17”x17”x37” & 110lbs // LT 19”x21”x10” & 60lbs




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